Editing & Critique

Much of what happens in our culture today revolves around words—the manner in which they are delivered and how they are perceived and interpreted. Now, more than ever, writing needs to be clear and concise, providing practical answers, inspiring hope, and equipping others to handle life issues.

Whether multi-published or just starting out, all writers can benefit from editing and critique. If you are new to the publishing industry, it may surprise you to learn the current industry standard is not what you learned in Typing 101 and some grammar and punctuation rules have changed. With Candy’s help, you can create a professional manuscript or proposal and avoid some of the mistakes that brand you as a novice writer.

A degree in English and years of writing experience give Candy an eye for grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, content, and flow. Candy edits for individuals and for publishers and critiques and teaches editing classes at writers’ conferences.


  • Consulting
  • Proofreading
  • Copyediting
  • Rewriting
  • Book proposal and one-sheet critiques
  • Article and personal experience essay critiques

Prices vary depending on the current condition of the manuscript and the scope of work. Please use the “contact” page to begin a dialogue about securing my services for your project.