Free Indeed

Over the last year or so, the voices of malcontents have bombarded us with negativity and hatred on many subjects. And you know what? I’m tired of it. I’m tired of listening to rants about our country and its leaders. I’m fed up with people assuming everyone feels as they do and actually wants to hear their tirades. I’m sick of social media posts that extend twelve inches down the page and spew malice. I’m ready for people to just hush and live their lives without fussing about everything under the sun!

I’m sure everyone could come up with something they don’t like about our country, but I am glad to be an American. I’m thankful for the wisdom and insight of the Founding Fathers and for those who have fought over the years to secure and defend our freedoms. I’m encouraged by the turning tide that gives a glimmer of hope that repression of faith will not continue.

Freedom was an essential element in the formation of our country. While liberty is still a hallmark, many allow emotions or past actions to rob them of personal freedom and hold them in bondage. Consider the wisdom of not only what you need to free yourself from, but also what you need to free yourself to.

Freedom from:

Past sins and failures – Many people never move forward because they’re chained to the past. Instead of looking ahead, their focus is backwards, looked at what they did, but wish they hadn’t, or what they failed to do, but wish they had. Don’t allow yourself to remain shackled to the past. Throw off the burdens or yesterday and take steps toward tomorrow.

Judgment of others – The voices of critics are loud and far-reaching. Most of us remember clearly the negative things said to us over the years, where we were and how we felt, while the words of encouragement and affirmation fade into the background. Don’t allow the harmful words of others to define you.

Fear – One of the greatest deterrents of forward motion is fear. Freeing yourself from fear is a process that requires you to continually reject fear and embrace trust. Rejecting fear requires great effort, but fear diminishes when you refuse to let it control you.

Guilt – Silent cords of guilt wrap around those who look back and chastise themselves for things said or done or things left undone or unsaid. Guilt causes you to rerun hurts, fears, and failures. Break free from guilt by realizing you can’t change the past. Live in the present with an eye on what lies ahead.

Freedom to:

Trust – Believe your ideas and instincts without second guessing everything. Listen for and trust the still small voice within to guide you as you make decisions.

Risk failure – Many of us don’t want to try something new or uncertain because we don’t trust our abilities and fear failure. But if you don’t risk, you may miss the plan for your life.

Stand firm in your beliefs – Loud voices demand that people of faith agree with lifestyles and embrace ideas that are in opposition to the truths we believe. Although the world may scream you are narrow-minded, you don’t have to compromise your morals and principles. Hold firm in your beliefs and refuse to be bullied.

Launch out in faith – God is your advocate and protector. When he inspires you and calls you to action, he equips you for the mission. Trust his provision and direction and move forward with confidence.

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:36 NIV)

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