The Transforming Power of Snow

Here in the south, we get pretty excited about a snow forecast. One little mention of the S-word is guaranteed to clean out grocery store aisles, cause a run on hardware stores, and generally send people racing around in full-tilt prep mode, even if the forecast is only for a light dusting of the white stuff. But even with all our over-reaction and frantic hoarding, you have to admit, snow, even a small amount, has a transformative power.

Descending – Falling snow mesmerizes. The steady descend of flakes captures attention, calms, and soothes. Falling snow causes us to put aside pressing problems, fears, and urgent deadlines, even if only for a little while. The world around seems to slow down and a hush descends, quieting the noise, and wrapping our souls with peaceful stillness.

Many of us avoid quietness and stillness. We’re a blur of constant motion, moving from one activity to the next, listening to music or TV, checking social media, yet again. While moving and talking, there is no time to listen, ponder, process emotions, and connect spiritually. Forward motion is good, but not if you’re trying to outrun thoughts and feelings you don’t want to take the time to process and avoiding that gentle whisper of that Still Small Voice.

Covering – Even the most barren landscape, a trash heap, or pile of dirt is transformed by a blanket of snow. Snow levels what is uneven. It re-defines shapes and smoothes rough places. Snow brings beauty to areas that aren’t lovely and causes us to view them differently.

Often, we cover our hurts and vulnerabilities, saying we’re fine when we aren’t, plastering a smile on our faces, when underneath there is only sadness and despair. But as with melting snow, the cover eventually evaporates and we have to deal with the difficulties, the tough stuff of life. Allow yourself to take a re-defined view of challenges, acknowledging they are there, while looking for solutions from a different perspective.

Illuminating – Snow reflects light. The brilliance of sunlight on snow is blinding. At night, the contrast of darkness and light is more pronounced. Snow enhances colors. Birds that are nearly invisible at other times are spotlighted against a backdrop of white. The berries of a holly bush shine bright red. Trees stand tall and dark against the brightness of ground covered with snow.

Sometimes it’s hard to shine light on the hidden corners of our hearts and minds and admit areas that need to be exposed and cleaned up. But once uncovered restoration and healing can begin.

Transforming – Wouldn’t it be great if we could find a way to harness the transformation snow brings? Take time to think about what you’re avoiding. Learn to view circumstances in your life through a lens of snow, re-defined and smoothed. Shine a light of honesty and confession, uncovering what you’ve kept hidden. Then move forward, having learned lessons from snow.

“Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low; and the crooked shall be made straight , and the rough places plain. ” (Isaiah 40:4 KJV)

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