Live in the Light

I recently heard a woman complaining about how much she dislikes the early darkness in the evenings now that we’re no longer on daylight saving time. Amid her whining, she seemed unaware that we traded extended light in the evenings for sunlight earlier in the mornings.

Our world is full of darkness, not the kind of darkness that comes from less sunlight, but from thoughts and actions borne of disrespect, disregard, selfishness, and lawlessness. There are times when, no matter how hard we try, it feels as if the darkness of the world overshadows our lives.

Unexpected events occur. Losses, trials, and challenges come, and there are times when circumstances just seem unfair, but shining beyond it all is a sliver of light that reminds us to hold on to hope and maintain forward motion.

Here are some ways to find light in darkness:

Adjust your vision to see the light – The woman I mentioned at the beginning of this post was so focused on the early darkness at the end of the day she couldn’t see, or appreciate, that additional light was available in the mornings. Perhaps she’s never up early enough to observe or take advantage of the early light.

Often those who focus on darkness, on difficulties, heartaches, perceived slights, and challenges, are blind to blessings, acts of kindness, and opportunities to move beyond grief or loss. Adjust your vision to the positives in life. Focus on goodness, light, and hope, even if it requires putting on a strong pair of glasses to correct your vision.

Seek wisdom to uncover truth – In a dark world, it is often hard to discern truth. Proverbs 16:16 states that wisdom is better than gold and good judgment better than silver. Falsehood is associated with truth subverted or covered up, and often, the word “truth” is referenced in terms of coming to light. Wisdom is a valuable tool in discerning the light of truth and following a path that leads out of darkness.

“I saw that wisdom is better than folly just as light is better than darkness.” Ecclesiastes 2:13 NLT

Live as a child of light – One of the joys of the holiday season is the abundance of lights used for indoor and outdoor decorations. A sense of awe is created by twinkling lights in a sea of darkness.

On the most dark and depressing days, as the haze finally burns off, when a glorious ribbon of light shines through, your perspective changes. Light has that effect. It raises your spirits and lightens your heart.

If you have experienced a season of darkness in your life, then glimpsed a flicker of light and moved beyond that darkness into the brightness of hope, forgiveness, and restoration, you are in a perfect position to help someone else get through a difficult life situation. Don’t keep what you learned to yourself. Be willing to share the light that brings peace. Share how faith has sustained and guided you. Shine as a beacon of light in the darkness.

“So live as people of light.” Ephesians 5:8 NLT

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